Che – The Love Story

Yvonne was inspired to produce a musical about Che Guevara after seeing Sydney singer/musician, C-Major, perform as Che in the Eva Peron Musical.

Carlos was immediately in agreement to such a project and so, the idea was initiated into reality.

Richard was the perfect musical partner for the project, being a Cuban musician and composer, whose professionalism and creativity inspired us all to follow through with the idea to conceptual achievement.

Fernando Coloma eagerly agreed to come join the project for artistic direction and administration assistance and Lilian Guererro accepted the role of Che’s wife Aleida March.

The Che Guevara Centre in Havana is providing support for visual images and factual presentation of the content.

All lyrics will be in English to appeal to wider Australian audiences and also European audiences, but the music will be Cuban music.

We had expected to premiere the production in Sydney in November 2020 and to tour Australia with it next year and then over to Europe. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has made this timing impossible due to social distancing. However we are determined to ensure that this amazing production finds a home in your hearts at some time in the very near future.