After seeing the amazing C-Major perform as Che in the Eva Peron musical, Australian Entrepreneur, Yvonne Veivers, was inspired to produce a musical cantata about Che Guevara.

Soon after, Yvonne saw and was impressed by the musical talent of Richard Ortega and enticed him into a musical partnership to produce Che with original Cuban music but with English lyrics.

A chance meeting with Fernando Coloma provided further inspiration to them both and they yearned to dabble with fusion of music and dance from other cultures and with songs of social conscience using stimulating visual images.

And so Richard Ortega Productions was born.

We hope that you are also inspired and impassioned by our creations.

Please come to see one of our upcoming Kuban Firez Shows in Australia in July & don’t miss our coming Musical Cantata in November; Che – The Love Story

We have also partnered with the Che Guevara Centre in Havana Cuba to bring to you an amazing Digital/Virtual Reality Exhibtion – Che Guevara, Tu & Todos.

Richard Ortega

Yvonne Veivers